Monday, August 29, 2005

Weathering the Storm

Well, phase one of our move is complete and we're now staying in the new house. The professionals will come move the other furniture and stuff next week. For now, we're battening down the hatches and hoping we have no storm damage from Hurricane Katrina. It's getting worse out there. People keep saying that storms can make pregnant women go into labor, so I'm TRYING not to freak out. So far no contractions, so maybe I'll be ok.


Jackie said...

Wow. You're already in Starkville? That was quick! Don't forget to call me or get Paul to call me when you do have the baby!!!! I want to come see you in the hospital.

Hope all is well after the storm.

Martha said...

Great.. so glad you got 1/2 moved!! Hope your doing okay and made it through the storms no problem!!

Amanda Sue said...

hope all is well - post something so we know!