Monday, August 15, 2005

More "assembly required"

Today I put together our baby's travel system. Thankfully it was a LOT easier than that irritating piece of furniture from Kmart. Just pop on the wheels and a few other plastic pieces. Not hard at all, even while 9 months pregnant.

Now that we have the carseat, I think we're just about all set and ready for the baby. I have diapers & wipes, a crib, a bouncy seat, a travel system, more washcloths than I can count, and a ton of cutesy clothes. I still don't have a few things I'd like to have before the baby is born, but if she comes out early, I think I'll be able to manage.

I still can't believe I'm going to be a mommy in a month!!!!


Martha said...

Amanda.. your excitment is contagious! I think back to that exciting time in our lives and it was surreal! Know it will take time for your new role and for life to adjust to a party of 3! Be patient my friend.

Eve said...

One month- wow!!!!! There are so many baby accessories, aren't there? I wish I could give you some great reccommendations, but every mom & baby has their own favorites.
My top 3 items in the first 3 months were:
Baby Bjorn (or other carrier)
soother clips (otherwise they always fall on the floor)
swinging chair (very soothing for us, good for naps)

Oh, yeah, and if you plan on nursing.. nursing pads and nipple cream. Amen.

Jackie said...

YAY for Amanda! I'm so glad you got the travel system. I know you really wanted that. And yes, you'll get by just fine, trust me. My Mom still can't believe all the stuff we had and still have for Ashleigh. Like I've got 30 something spoons. Literally. Mom said I had ONE baby spoon.