Saturday, August 20, 2005

House Hunt

Today we began looking for a rental house in our soon-to-be new home town. Since it's a college town, there seems to be a lot of houses on the rental market. But because it's a college town, the quality can be questionable. The first one we saw was rather run down and had a funny smell. It was far too small and the paint job was reminiscent of a kindergartener with finger paints.

The second one we saw was much better. Bigger, no funny smell, and much more well-maintained. It's not perfect, but it would definitely be a better fit for us. We're going to keep it in mind. We still have a few more we'd like to see before we make a decision. And we can't decide how soon to take on a new place. Should we go ahead and rent something we like NOW so we have time to move in slowly? Or should we not even bother until after the baby is born? How long can we afford paying rent without having our house rented out as well?

So many questions. I really just wish it were over already.

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Martha said...

How soon does Paul begin work in Starkville?

Can he start off working and commuting from Columbus?

Honestly.. and this is my personal thought.. if you guys can wait till 6 weeks after the baby is born, I suggest doing it! OR Hurry and do it before she arrives!!

You honestly will be so swept up in those first 6 weeks that trying to move would truly be insane. Your emotions are going to go bizerk and well.... It's just my thought!!!