Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Power of Choice

It is remarkably easy to blame negative aspects of my life on a variety of factors outside myself. Genetics, finances, family, friends, even pets make perfect excuses for the lack of modification of my behavior. The truth, however, is that while many things still lie outside my control, there are in fact MORE things I can choose to change.

For instance, there may be multiple issues that could create a difficult labor and delivery for me. But one thing I can do to try to tilt the scale in my favor is to stick to an exercise schedule. It was easy for me to think, "Oh, I'm pregnant, and I'm tired, and it's just too hard to get up and get to the pool for aquaerobics." Yet regardless of my tiredness, working out is good for me, good for the baby, and a great way to get in better shape so I can endure the upcoming labor with more stamina.

Why is it so easy to ignore the power of a choice? Is it because I don't truly believe my choices will have consequences? Could it be that I think I can escape any negative consequences, and still reap rewards even if I choose badly? No matter what the reason, the power of choice is mine, and I choose to grasp it firmly with both hands and use it for my best interest.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Parental Visit

It's always interesting when my parents come to visit. They arrived Thursday and left at 5:30 this morning. (Classic move for my folks.) They've never truly gotten along like the parents in American sit-coms, and to be honest I'm surprised they are still married after almost 38 years. At this point they basically just tolerate one another. But now that they have a grandchild (their first) on the way, I can see that they've mellowed a bit. It lets them both be excited about the same thing, which frankly is quite a miracle. It was a pleasant visit. We talked, shopped, went out to dinner, went to church together, and didn't have any real fights or even tense moments. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come.