Friday, August 19, 2005

The joy of gift certificates

There's nothing quite like getting a gift certificate. I got a nice one for from some friends as a baby shower gift. It arrived today, and I immediately spent it. There were things on my registry I have not yet received, so I went ahead and bought them for myself. Now I'll have the apparently essential nursing pillow and a diaper bag. Necessary items that I didn't have to spend my own dang money on. Woo-hoo!


Martha said...

LOL.. woo hoo! LOVE GC!! Once I got put on bedrest it was my birthday so everyone sent me GC's! I spent an entire day on line just looking at stuff to buy while laying in bed!

Jackie said...

Actual gifts are nice, but gift certificates (and cash) rock! It's so nice to buy things and not use your own money. Glad you feel a little more prepared for the arrival of your daughter.

And I can only imagine your frustration at not being able to pack, but just think of how well organized you will be with all your lists when you DO get to start packing!