Thursday, August 04, 2005

Photos of Our Nursery

I decided to do some original art for the baby's room. I think it's always nice to add a personal touch like this. Here you see the changing table, flanked on either side by a flower and butterfly series. I also painted the hooks on either side. Note the "thing" flying from the ceiling - it's a butterfly made of wire and painted nylon, hanging with some fishing wire.

Here's the crib bedding we chose. The room was already lavendar when we discovered we were pregnant, but after choosing this bedding, we realized the lavendar on the walls did NOT match the bedding in any way. So we had the room repainted. Isn't this bedding adorable? I really would like to hang the quilt on the wall, but I haven't figured out how to do it yet.

Here's the crib we chose. Our furniture is from Baby's Dream - it's the Generation Next line. This bed will convert to a toddler bed and eventually to a full sized adult double bed. We figure this was a very practical decision - we'll just have to buy different bedding, but her bed will always be the same, barring any unforseen happenings.

That's another butterfly hanging from the ceiling. And yes, that's a butterfly net on the wall. Nice touch, huh? The Amish doll on the chest is a token of my home state - I grew up in Pennsylvania, very near Amish country. I just thought it would be nice to have a momento from my hometown.

Yep, another butterfly hanging from the ceiling. And I did that painting, too. I got the window valance from Lowe's, of all places. It's just flowers, but it really goes well with the bedding and other items in the room.

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Jackie said...

I LOVE IT!!! Everything has come together beautifully. And how interesting is it that I painted all the artwork hanging in Ashleigh's room? And the bedding looks wonderful too. Of course, I knew it would, since I saw it at the office that day after you picked it up.

As for hanging the quilt, I've seen several ideas for that. You could sew some small loops of ribbon and attach to the wall with tiny hooks, OR you could buy a dowel and some finials, paint them white, and attach the quilt with ribbon to that. And of course, attach it all to the wall with....oh....some of those decorative things you hang curtain rods on. And when you sewed the ribbon on, you'd just tack it, really, so it'd be easy to remove when she's big enough to use it.