Thursday, August 04, 2005

Getting started

Finally I've crossed something off my "baby preparation to-do" list. Some items I can't do without Paul's help, so those will need to be saved for evenings and weekends. But there are lots of things on this list I can do by myself - I just need to get motivated. It's hard because I'm pretty tired and that whole "nesting" instinct hasn't completely kicked in yet. It's much easier to rest on the couch and watch tv than to get up and scrub the kitchen or organize the bathroom. And there are a few things I won't really be able to do until after I've had all my baby showers (I'm having 3 in all - aren't I so loved?). That way I'll be able to get the nursery truly organized and go purchase all the things I didn't recieve.

Speaking of this, I'm a little nervous about how we're gonna get the big items like the travel system and the pack 'n play. There are things like the high chair that we can wait on, but I can't leave the hospital with the baby if we have no car seat. I guess as a last resort Paul could go get one while I'm in the hospital, but I'd rather have it all set up ahead of time to make sure it's installed properly.

I guess money worries are common for us grown-ups, especially when about to become parents. I'll have a little time off from work, which means a break in the income. And there will be a jump in the expenses with our baby's arrival. I have tried to reason it out that because we won't be going out to movies or restaurants for a while, it may balance out.

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Jackie said...

My nesting instinct never really kicked in either, not like I've heard about in other women anyway. My hubby said that it was because I ALWAYS am in nesting mode!

As for getting all the things you need, don't worry too much. And if you don't have a car seat, you are more than welcome to use Ashleigh's--she outgrew it long ago. I know you want that travel system, but if you don't get it and want to hold off on buying one for a bit to see how the money situation goes, you are more than welcome to borrow ours. It's never been in an accident and it's been in our home since it's been out of use. For that matter, it never stayed in the car while we were using it-she was always in it, or it was left at my mother-in-laws during the day. I tell you this because they tell you to watch out for used car seats because you don't know if they've been left in an uncooled/heated storage bldg. & the temp. extremes can weaken the plastic. It's an Evenflo....Discovery maybe? I've got the book and everything. It has the base that goes in the car and you just snap it in and out.