Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Ok, so I've been reading Princess Jemmers, and she does this Thursday Thirteen thing. I like it, so I'm gonna do it too. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. :) So,without further ado, I present for the first time to you my very own

Thirteen Things about YankeeAmanda

1. My husband Paul got out of the hospital today after a bout of cellulitis. It's icky.
2. I am exhausted since I have not slept well without Paul here. I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight.
3. My good friend Amy kept my daughter Jadyn for the 5th day in a row. She rocks.
4. We had church staff meeting today, as we do every Thursday. It was especially entertaining and energizing.
5. My job is challenging me in all sorts of new ways and it's very exciting stuff.
6. My friend/coworker Martha inspires more every day to shut my yapper.
7. I don't like the rental house in which we currently live and I'm hoping we can be out of it by August. We'll see.
8. I started a new blog at Xanga and I really like it - better than Blogger - so we'll see which one I stay with.
9. I would love very much to get rid of our cats. They were fun till we had a baby, and now they are just eating, pooping, shedding, meowing machines. Their cuteness is greatly overshadowed by the amount of money and work it takes to keep them.
10. Last night I gave myself bangs. I'm still not sure if this was a wise decision, but too late now. Good thing hair grows.
11. I have discovered that the amount of laundry generated by a person is inversely proportional to their age, at least until they enter geriatric years, then it is likely to become directly proportional.
12. I could wallpaper a room with the credit card applications I get in the mail each month.
13. I have a huge inventory of Mary Kay products that I'm trying to get rid of. Half price.
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Emily said...

I bet you are happy to have the hubs back!

Happy TT! Mine's up too!
Peanut Tales

Karen said...

glad he's better, that just sounds icky. all the kids here have Xanga blogs- I figured I was too old! good list. see you next week!

TLC said...

Give the cats a chance, as the baby gets older you may find it gets easier.

My T13 is up.

Trinity13 said...

I don't sleep well without my husband too! He snoring is great background noise that I can't sleep without.

Princess21 said... alike we are....I too have an abundance of Mary Kay products that I would love to get ride of!! Good luck with that!!!

Thanks for playing!!!

Amanda Sue said...

ug! once i gave myself bangs too! never again, for me anyway!:)