Monday, April 24, 2006

The Daily Battle

Ok, so I need some helps from you mommies.

Every day, at every meal time, I put Jadyn in her high chair and she usually sits cheerfully as I bring her food. I feed her the first 4 or 5 bites of whatever solid food I have chosen, and she does fine. Then all of a sudden she's fussing to the point of crying after every bite, but she keeps opening up her mouth for more. She seems kind of angry or maybe in pain. She arches her back and turns her head away, but then comes back for more. Now, she only does this with solid foods (ANY kind), not with liquid.

So I ask you, oh collective mommies of more experience, what the heck is going on? Is she tired of the chair? Does it hurt to swallow? If that's the case, how come she'll take her formula just fine? And why does she do this after the first few bites? I'm at a loss and I can't find anything online that speaks to this specific issue. Please, ladies, I need help!!!


Jennboree said...

Some babies just don't take the transition to solids very well. If she's a big fan of her bottle, she may not want the foods. Just keep trying. Perhaps stick to one food for awhile, like pears, and let her get used to the texture, taste and thickness in her mouth. Once she cries, she's done.

I can only imagine it'd be uncomfortable to eat food like that if she's got reflux, but she'd spit up her milk alot too.

Just one of the many challenges but don't get stressed! At her age, the food is more about learning and not nutrition, she gets that from her milk.

YankeeAmanda said...

The thing is, she was doing fine for at least 2 months, then this just started in the past week or two. One friend from church suggested teething may be the culprit, and it may soon pass.

Jennboree said...

True...teething could be the issue. If you are concerned about her throat or mouth, perhaps the doc can give her a quick look to rule it out.

Also, what a baby does one week can change the next. Ruling out any physical problems, she could just be on food strike!

YankeeAmanda said...

I tell ya, I wish God would have built babies with little digital readouts on their foreheads that tell us what's wrong and how to fix it!!!