Friday, April 14, 2006

Spring into Summer

See the date? April 14, right? Supposedly this is spring, which is typified in most places by moderate temperatures. Yeah, well, not here. Today we were at Jadyn's first Easter Egg Hung (pictures to follow on her blog) and I was slathering her with WaterBabies sun block. Why? Because it's sunny and 89 degrees outside. And on Tuesday it will be 96. 96??? In the middle of April? Good grief! I think we skipped spring all together and have jumped right into summer.

I shudder to think what it will be like here in August. And the thought of our power bill as we run the air conditioning makes me quiver in terror.

So, if you're not down here in the gulf area like us, how's the climate where you are? Are you already having to crank up the AC and drink gallons of iced tea? Or are you still wearing sweaters and boots?


Princess21 said...

I wear a sweater in my house ALL of the time. I just love it is always really cold in my I can wear my sweaters!!! Priorities!!

It is really nice today here in Ohio. It is 70+ and Beautiful!!!! But I think the rain is on it's that nice 70+ will be joined with my least fav...humidity!!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Amanda Sue said...

hot. humid.

standard for our neck o' the woods. :)