Monday, April 17, 2006

Life's Little Pauses

I've noticed that there are times in life when God is trying to get you to slow down a little and experience life rather than rushing through it. And sometimes God won't give you a choice.

Very early yesterday morning Paul woke up with a fever. Since he was an understudy for an actor in a skit at church, he felt compelled to get up and go anyway. After all, it was Easter Sunday and that's the ONE Sunday you're supposed to go to church, right? Anyway, I gave him some Tylenol and off he went. By the time Jadyn and I got there a few hours later, his fever had broken and it seemed like nothing more than a passing fluke.

Then at lunch he was dizzy and pale. That was a clue that I honestly should have taken more seriously.

So it was Sunday afternoon - family nap time. I woke up to the bed shaking - I don't mean just a little quiver, but like one of those vibrating beds that work by putting quarters in the little box. It was Paul, shivering like crazy. His fever had returned and it was climbing. Since it was Sunday and I live here in Outter Jabip, there are no "doc-in-the-box"es open anywhere.

Then I did something they tell you never ever to do. I woke the baby. I had to. Paul was getting worse and I wasn't sure he should be driving, so she would have to come with us.

Turns out Paul has cellulitis. He's had it before but never like this. He's been admitted to the local hospital and will be here 2 days at least, maybe 3.

Much thanks at this point to Jadyn's "aunt" Amy and her family for keeping Jadyn when I'm with Paul. Man, that's what small groups and community is all about.

So there's a lot of stuff not getting done right now. Laundry, cleaning, work stuff, life stuff. Time to slow down.


Eve said...

I hope your sweetie is feeling better soon, and I'm glad you both have such great support.

Princess21 said...

I hope Paul is feeling better soon!

This scares me though. My hubby had the same symptoms a few weeks ago....but he is much better now.

I feel God is trying to slow me down a bit as well.

Take care this week, Amanda! You are in my prayers.

Martha said...

Poor Paul.. sitting through our Eatser Dinner suffering so.. Rick and I feel horrible! Ugh... Let us know how we can help!!