Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Much Relief

Ahhhh. I have a lot to relax about. First, Mom and Dad will be coming down tomorrow - it was originally thought they wouldn't be able to because of the gas crunch, but things are getting better so they are on their way. The good thing about this is that they can help me unpack and will be here to take care of the pets while we're in the hospital.

Then there's the sheer miracle that we got all our furniture in our house. The movers came today, and while there were a few things that were damaged, all in all, it's not too bad. I keep reminding myself that at least I'm not stuck in the Astrodome with no hope of finding a home any time soon. Things could truly be FAR worse.

And finally, I think that I'm pretty much ready to have this baby. I mean, I'm sure there are thousands of ways I'm NOT ready, but for all practical purposes, I have everything done that really NEEDS to be done before she gets here.

It really is all going to be ok.


Martha said...

YEAH!!!!!!! God is GOOD!! Sounds like things are falling into place. Now.. lay down, get your feet up, relax and just wait for this little girl to make her GRAND entrance!

Jackie said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better about things. Martha is right: RELAX. Glad your parents will be here too, that will make it even better.