Thursday, September 15, 2005

Details, details

I forgot to mention the stuff everyone tends to ask: Jadyn was 6 lb 14 oz and 20 inches long. All fingers, toes, bits and pieces accounted for.

Oh yeah, and sleep? Well, I already forget what 8 hours in a row feels like.

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Jackie said...

Well, I hate to tell you, but you PROBABLY won't get 8 hours for quite a while. But it is MORE than worth it, as you already know.

I want to call you, but as with anyone who has a newborn, I'm afraid I'll wake you up from a much needed nap!!

I am scheming to get over to Starkville to see you in a couple of weeks. Want to give you a little time to settle and all.

OH-and I had a little breakdown in the hospital too, the morning after Ashleigh was born. Kenneth was arguing with me about something, then a nurse was mean to me and that did it!! Imagine my horror when about 6 nurses were flocked around me trying to make everything OK. But that "mean nurse" was my best friend throughout the rest of my stay!