Monday, November 27, 2006

Step Into Christmas

Tonight was our town's annual Christmas parade, complete with marching bands of varying qualities, carloads of dolled-up cheerleaders brandishing sparkly pompoms, fire trucks making very loud noises, floats decorated in the "Christmas Around the World" theme, and marching packs of children from all sorts of local organizations. Paul, Jadyn and I watched from the sidewalk in front of his office, accompanied by folks from our church. Jadyn was happily being passed back and forth from person to person. She marvelled at the lights, boogied to the music and learned how to wave her best toddler-style Miss America wave back at the "Miss Whoevers".

I love small-town life.


p & k's mommy said...

Hi There.

I wanted to reply to your comment on my blog about the pacis. Padyn is 3, and I do sort of wish I had taken them from her earlier. Now they are totally attached to her. She does only use them for sleeping, but still. It's a drama in the middle of the night when she can't find one.

We went through a period of her having 7 in her crib at a time. That stopped the hollering for a while because she could always find one.

I go back and forth and really have no hardcore advice to give you. I think that if I took them away earlier she would have just found something else to attach to and that would be her lovey. Bottom line...if you can take them away now while it's not too much of a trauma, do it.

Oh, and I'm an alum of Mississippi State. Got my Masters in Education there. Go Dawgs!

Dave & Lisa said...

Hi Amanda,

Just saying hello! That's great that you are sharing your life with others. God is so good to us and we need to share that goodness to others!

God Bless! When I came on your site, the temperature said 52 degrees... I can't imagine what that feels like after the -40 degree cold spell we just had... :)