Saturday, November 11, 2006


Amazing, the thoughts that come flowing at you while you're driving.

To Let Me Out

The pain ebbs and flows
Like the tide but never goes away
All the way

I can’t get a grip, shut my lips,
My heart as touchy as
My fingertips

I’ve felt stuck in the muck and mire
And I’m tired of the fight to
Get my head right,
Understand who I am and who I’m not
And what’s what.

How ironic that I blame
The same One who
Came to free me from
So I could finally change.

I’ve got a choice,
Raise my voice
Give it up and then rejoice
Because if I let him, He
Can set me free
And let me see
Who He made me to be.

I now avow
To allow Him
To remove my sacred cow,
My right to hurt, to avert
The healing He wants to exert.

I must
Let Him in
To let me out.


Martha said...

Wow.. very insightful! I hope it brings healing.

Paul said...

Very good. Cathartic I know. I'm walking the road with you!

Amanda Sue said...

beautiful, amanda. i love it.