Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sonic Boom

So, this kidney stone is large -8 mm. Too big to be passed. The solution, therefore, is to put me through some sort of sonic shaking procedure which should pulverize the thing so it can be passed with less pain.

All this from drinking too much milk. Apparently, it does not always do a body good.


Jennboree said...

Man, that sucks! My dad had kidney stones before. And a friend of my husband has them...from drinking too much beer! What a great way to discourage drinking, eh?

Interesting about the milk. I love milk, especially when nursing, for some weird reason.

Jonathan said...

A friend of mine studied pharmacology at Uni, and told me that once we get beyond a certain level of development, Milk is 98% useless to us.

It gets worse too - cows milk is no good for us at all; our body tolerates it (if we are luck), but that's about it.

I remember the law coming in a few years ago here in the UK to ban the dairy industry from claiming that milk is good for you.

Anonymous said...