Sunday, July 10, 2005

Menacing Dennis

Hurricane Dennis made landfall about an hour ago. At this moment, the Mississippi governor is on Fox News saying that most of the damage are areas Meridian and NORTH, not around the coast. That's scary, since WE are north of Meridian. We've done some prep for the storm - extra water and food, flashlights, batteries, a battery radio, etc. We also have a place on a lake in Alabama, and truthfully I'm more concerned about THAT than I am about this house. It is surrounded by trees, and because it is on the eastern side of the storm, there is a higher likelihood of tornados in that area. All we can do is wait and pray, and have friends there check on our place. We'll be watching the weather channel almost round the clock to see what's going on. It was said earlier this year that this would be a very bad hurricane season, and we may have to go through this several more times before the end of October.

I'm really glad that I'm still pregnant at this point. I can't imagine having to worry about taking care of a newborn during this kind of emergency, and I hope it doesn't come up after the baby is born. That would create a whole new level of worry for me.

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