Friday, July 29, 2005

It's me, for real.

Yep, this is me. It's a few years old (just one or two) but is still pretty much what I look like. I don't LOOK crazy, do I?


Jackie said...

No you don't look crazy!

Paul told me about his blog and I scooted on over to yours! I'd love for you to look at mine. Hopefully you won't have a lesser opinion of me. I tend to vent on mine occasionally. But I post lots of photos!!

I look forward to visiting your blog on a regular basis. But Paul gave me the impression that he didnt' want too many people around here to know about his, so maybe I shouldn't put ya'll on my links. Because I don't care who knows about mine, LOL!

Take care, and good for you keeping up the exercise!

Jackie said...

OH, and if you do check out mine, I think you'll get tickled. Notice the similarities...