Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Rewind (AKA Why I'm Glad It's Almost Over)

It's been kind of a rough year for Chez Crazy. God has been faithful and I'm sure it's all been "for my good" (a la Romans 8:28), but in many ways I'm glad to be saying goodbye to this year. Let's recap:

  • Got the news that I was being laid-off from my dream job as part-time administrative/creative director for my church. Budget cuts, not merit related, but painful and stressful all the same.
  • Found out I was pregnant. This was stressful due to my lack of employment, but after years of trying to conceive (and having already endured a miscarriage 3 months earlier) it was joyful.
  • Had a miscarriage. Yeah, that sucked. I didn't talk to God for a while.
  • Looked for a job.
  • Looked for a job.
  • Had several interviews. Was deemed the 2nd choice for 2 positions. (Yeah, first loser.)
  • Put together a multimedia presentation for Easter to the song "Coming Back to Life" by Pink Floyd. (I still love my church.)
  • Was called back on both 2nd choice positions within 24 hours. The lower-paying community college position (temp to hire) was a more definite hire than the other soft drink industry position that paid $10K more a year. Took the college job.
  • Liked the job ok. Missed my dream job a LOT.
  • Put Jadyn in full-time daycare. Thankful she adjusted, sad that she had to.
  • Took a trip with the family to see relatives and old friends. Viciously fought the impulse to stay in PA and tell life in Mississippi to take a flying leap.
  • Was brought onto the college payroll permanently. Hello, benefits.
  • Stressed about money.
  • Turned 37 years old. Really missed my dream job.
  • Stressed about money.
  • Life was interrupted by husband's severe cellulitus.
  • Witnessed true community as church family supported us during the illness.
  • Celebrated Jadyn's 3rd birthday.
  • Had strep throat. The ability to swallow is far too under-appreciated.
  • Prayed hard for friends in a very difficult situation.
  • Stressed about money.
  • Applied for better paying jobs.
  • Stressed about work.
  • Had an interview for a university job paying significantly more.
  • Had a second interview for said job.
  • Wrote a Christmas skit for church.
  • Was 2nd choice for university job.
  • Decided to trust God more about money.
  • Saw God provide.
  • Got involved in planning for a new church outreach.
  • Performed Christmas skit at church.
  • Dealt with a recurrence of cellulitis over Christmas.
  • Spent time enjoying my daughter.
Coming up next, what I'm looking forward to about 2009. Stay tuned.