Friday, March 31, 2006

RIP Customer Service

Let me tell you about my lunch stop yesterday (March 30, 2006). After considering my somewhat limited options, I choose Hardee's and pulled into the drive-thru. I place my rather uncomplicated order (which did not include any large burger needing a long cooking time), I hand over my money and am asked to "pull around to the front and I'll bring it out to you". Ok, I think, no problem, this has happened before, it should only take a few minutes.

Time ticks by as time tends to do. I notice that it feels longer than usual and I check the clock. Yep, definitely longer. I wait somewhat unpatiently until 10 minutes have passed since I was asked to pull up. I sigh, turn off the car, grab my receipt and march in. I have a fleeting thought that maybe the place got slammed, but that is soon debunked by the noticeable absence of a crowd.

I approach the woman behind the counter (whose badge identifies her as "shift leader") and say that I'm still waiting on a drive-thru order. She gives me a rather puzzled look and turns to the drive-thru attendant. This girl points to my order, which is sitting there waiting on the counter for its owner, and mutters something about the fact that she is "just about to bring it out". The shift leader takes the order and gives it to me, along with a half-hearted "sorry about that". I calmly mention that I understand, but the point of the drive-thru is to NOT have to get out of the car. I see that she's included a free sandwich coupon with my order, so I say thanks and head back to my car with my lunch.

I get to my car, noting that the bag does not seem hot and the shake is on the way to melting. I take a quick look at my well deserved coupon and that's when I noticed it. The date. Yes, that says "February 28, 2006".

Gee, thanks so much for the expired coupon. I didn't even bother going back in. I don't think I ever will.


Sally Swift said...

Hey Amamda, it seems we tend to think alike. Good post here. Why can't people and companies make the tiniest effort to respect customers?

You might like this recent post about that. Customer Service - The Sound of Silence

Anonymous said...

Call Gordo--He's the manager, great guy! Will make it right.

Tara said...

I HEAR YA! I too believe that customer service died a long time ago!