Thursday, March 23, 2006

Huggies, aka Seive Diapers

Ok, I don't like Huggies. I always thought (before Jadyn came along) that they looked cushy and anti-leaky, so I was sure I'd love them. We were given some as baby shower gifts. After finally making through the huge box of 200+ size 1s, I decided never again, no Huggies. Jadyn woke up soggy almost every morning and after every nap. May as well stick her in a colander.

So I went to Pampers Swaddlers, and while they may be a tad more expensive, I VERY rarely have a leak issue. No going back to Huggies.

Yeah, except that we had a whole pack of Huggies #2 size in the closet, and instead of giving them away only to buy more Pampers, I figured I'd be Frugal Mommy and work with what we had.

This ought to teach me to listen to my gut. We're only 1/4 of the way into the pack and I promise we've had 6-8 leaks and I even had one that ripped during application! RIPPED??? This cannot be. If we can land a man on the moon and a vehicle on Mars, can't we make disposable diapers that don't leak or rip? Gadzooks, people, what do those scientists spend all their research money on, anyway?

Ok, rant over.


Anonymous said...

I used Luvs with both my girls. Cheap and leakless.

Pammylew said...

I never used anything but pampers when Austin was that age and they were the best!I never had any problems with leaks. In fact, he would wake up in the morning and the diaper looked like he'd been in a swimming pool with it on, but it didn't leak!!!!! I will be using them again if I am ever blessed with another child.