Friday, January 06, 2006

Things I Pray For (an abridged list)

  • My husband - to be joyful even though some parts of life are not joyous
  • My daughter - to find God as the source of her love and joy
  • My parents - to figure out the balance between being grandparents and adult children of aging parents, and where that will lead them.
  • My church - to grow and meet the needs of those she serves
  • Our pastor - to get the rest he needs while enjoying life with a new baby and a 2 yr old
  • Our Children's Ministry - to be real, relevant and resourceful
  • Volunteers for said ministry - to be blessed, refreshed, and to increase in number
  • Jadyn's naps - to last longer than 45 minutes
  • Wise Use of Time - to get done quiet time, the laundry, cleaning, cooking AND my paid work
  • Direction - to know where we are supposed to go next
  • My friendships - to be deep, healthy and fun
  • My blogging buddies - to come away with either a smile or a deep thought, depending on the topic of the day.


Martha said...

I like this list I may need to copy this........... much better tthan my anger thread!

kt said...

this is a good list! and, i'm sure folks have told you already...EVERYTHING is a STAGE w/ kids. wish someone woulda tole me that! =) as soon as i get COMFORTABLE in parenting, something new hits. as soon as something new hits, and it's OVERWHELMING...bam, things change again and whew, things are okay again. but not b4 i'd always take things back into my own, UNcapable hands...then give it to God, then take it back, then give it to God, then give it back! ugh! i hope i'm larnin'!
i do have to say (esp. if you had to work hard at CONCEIVING in the first place), you can never get this time again. you will be amazed at how fast this little one grows UP. i'm SURE you've heard that. but one day, maybe even only 4-5 years from now, you'll look at her and go, WOW! where did my BABY go! serious as a heart attack! so don't take it 4 granted. all other stuff will hold. keep the most important stuff MOST IMPORTANT. that is:
1. God
2. husband
3. daughter
4. house/home prolly
5. everything else.

YOU have the power, m'dear, to totally make or break your household. the best thing you can give your daughter is a Godly INTACT home forever. that means giving God His time, and LOVING your husband ... WHATEVER IT TAKES! =) this has been a hard lesson for me. i did read elizabeth george...but dr. laura prob has had a bigger impact upon me. she does point me to my faith. then she's RIGHT on about men and their needs. it's really up to you.
i had a hard time saying no to outside ministries. i had an AWFUL time w/ a p.t. job! it was very much my master instead of my hubby. thank God we avoided daycare! but after baby 3 i quit. WOW what a difference that has made in our lives. how i wish i'd done it sooner. we could've scraped by. i could've given my all to home. what a happier husband i'd have had!
running also gives me sanity now!
well, sorry so long. your blog struck a chord!
God bless!

heather said...

Just now had a chance to visit your site after you visited mine (my son wondering who all would want his autograph!) I loved your suggestion - and have not learned enough yet to make that happen!
But I loved scrolling through your site - and when I got to your list here, I just wanted to say you can count an answer and an amen coming from my end of blogworld.
I'll be back, no doubt - as first glance shows me there is much for my heart to gain from yours - I am blessed by your faith and love for God!
Have a good night!