Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New Leaf Turning - aka The Gym

We joined a gym. We chose the most expensive one in town, mostly because they were the only ones offering any child care beyond "we stick them in a room and someone looks in on them every now and then". Besides, it offers all sorts of great classes, including a parent and baby aqua class. 2 more months and we are SO hitting that class. I already got Jadyn a few swim diapers!

The downside is that there are all these things you have to do when you join. You get bloodwork done, fill out this lifestyle survey, have a physical assessment done with a trainer, then an hour long orientation. Sheesh! I didn't have to do this much work to apply for my job!

I know it will be worth it in the long run. It's just that this week was already full enough with both Jadyn and I scheduled for doctor appointments this week. (Neither of which actually appeared on the doctor's schedules for some cosmically strange reason.) Add to that all this other running around and my week is quickly filling up to overflowing.

Geesh, all this to get in shape. Next year, my resolution is to simplify my life.


koyama said...

Good for you two. I can't imagine what it is like getting to the gym with a little one. I can barely get there with a husband!! I am reading Dr.Phil's book right now and it is soooo good.

Jackie said...

YAY for you & Paul! I think that is absolutely wonderful. If we didn't live in the middle of nowhere, I'd join the Y. Oh well...I'll start fitting exercise in somewhere...

Talk to your hubby this afternoon. Jadyn has him SOOO wrapped around her little finger already!