Monday, October 10, 2005

No, it's not PPD!

I swear, there is something about my OB's office that makes me cry. The past 3 times I've gone in there, I've burst into tears for no real reason. Thankfully my doctor doesn't think it's post-partum depression, but just normal hormones. It's so odd. I wonder if it's because I had such a good experience with my doctor and I don't like the thought of not seeing him every week or two anymore. Is that odd or what?


Jackie said...

No, that's not weird at all! I've been my the Columbus branch of my OB's office about 3 or 4 times since Ashleigh was born, once to show her off. So upset I haven't seen the doctor who delivered her since March. And he hasn't seen Ashleigh since we left the hospital. (In person, he has a few pics--everytime I show him one he asks to keep it!)

I saw the receptionist in Wal-Mart Friday evening and we talked for over 30 minutes. Those people become a huge part of a very important part of your life; maybe the happiest part. Then, you are suddenly cut off. I think you're feeling very normal things.

Martha said...

I TOTALLY understand! When we moved I was soo upset to be leaving my OB. I still send them pictures of Alex and Christmas cards. I also send them to the NICU! It's a safe zone for you.. a place to let down your guard. Big Hugs girl!

Amanda Sue said...

that is so normal! i read that that is one of the hardest parts of being a new mom - giving up the weekly sessions with your doc. they listen and they care! after the baby is born, not many people want to hear about the mama anymore!