Monday, October 31, 2005

Baby Talk

To my all my friends:

I really am trying to find other things to talk about besides my baby. Honest. Please inform me of other possible topics of conversation, and I promise I'll try to talk about them without somehow involving Jadyn. Yes, I know that is unlikely, as I have the ability to somehow involve her in a conversation about such random topics as the Supreme Court nomination and the bombings in India. But I'm working on it. Honest.

Have I mentioned how cute she is? How I hope she's one day smart enough to be on the bench of the Supreme Court? How I sincerely hope she's never involved in a terrorist bombing?

See, I did it again!


Amanda Sue said...

i love to read about her, and i feel like i talk about dillon all the time. we can at least read each other's blogs!

Jackie said...

You talk about your sweet baby all you want to, because I surely talk about Ashleigh quite a bit!!!