Wednesday, March 30, 2005

By the way....

I didn't mention in my first post, but I'm 16 weeks pregnant with our first child. The other half of "our" is Paul, my husband, whom I met online back in the days of IRC. Anyway, today I had a test for gestational diabetes. It's a little earlier than most women get tested, but I'm already insulin resistant so it's probably a good thing that they tested me earlier. This was a one-hour test and the result came back at 140, which according to some websites I've seen is on the high side. I have a feeling the doctor will make me come back and do the 3-hour test. Hurrah. I just keep praying I don't have gestational diabetes, because that would just be one more thing to obsess about!

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The bird in PA said...


Gestational diabetes is nothing to obsess about! You know you can always call me for support. You jusy need to be sensible about your meals and how often you eat.