Wednesday, April 18, 2007

What we have here is a failure to communicate!

The thing about talking to a toddler is that they understand most of what you say, and all of what they say, but have no clue that it comes out in a verbal glob of goo.

Most conversations with Jadyn (especially in the car) go like this:


"Yes, baby."

"I wano schee nmoewn wnoew sye."

"Oh, ok."


"Yes, baby."

"I wano scheen mynwo ee-yo."

"Ok, baby."


And so it goes. I have just begun to interpret some of this. She is often asking for me to sing to her, I think, and one of her favorites is Old MacDonald. After a rousing round of animal sounds (here, there and everywhere), I often hear this coming from her carseat:

"Kua la da, Kua la da, ee aye oooh!"

I can't stand the cuteness!!!

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Jemmers said...

She is just too precious!!!!