Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Things I Love:
  • Fall
  • The smell of woodsmoke
  • Leftover turkey (I can't wait for this!)
  • Chocolate
  • The smell of my baby after a bath
  • A smile from my baby
  • My husband, especially with my baby
  • "The Soup" (a family recipe - yummy!)
  • The anticipation of Christmas
  • People who read my blog and comment :)
  • Jesus

Things I Hate:

  • Cleaning
  • The smell of used cat litter
  • Heat and humidity
  • The sound of my baby doing that high-pitched crying
  • Not living in my own home
  • My weakness for chocolate
  • My husband's having to work late
  • My computer - for crashing and leaving us without our data


Amanda Sue said...

baby smiles are the best! and so is Jesus! :)

have a great Thanksgiving with your little gobbler!

T Widdy said...

Hey Amanda,

I have a blog! Check it out...