Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Glorious Sleep!

Our darling daughter has been sleeping through the night (at least 6 hours) in her crib in her own room for 4 nights in a row. I think we're getting the hang of this!

My fellow parents, if this makes you mad or jealous, sorry! I'm just so happy and no longer sleep deprived. And yes, I know we may have some lapses during teeting, growth spurts, etc. I'm just so glad to know it's possible!


Jackie said...

You definitely sound like you are on the right track. Maybe you'll be finished with that basinet before you know it. BE PROUD and don't apologize. I was tickled I got Ashleigh in her bed in her room just before 4 months old.

Just cherish every night of sleep, because you never know when that will change!

Amanda Sue said...

congratulations! you have the right to brag because that is some HARD WORK! it doesn't just happen on its own!

a fellow night sleeper's mama