Tuesday, March 06, 2007


There's nothing like having a sick child at home to make one feel "stuck". I feel like I've been in this situation for weeks. Maybe I have - I tend to lose track of time.

I still wouldn't trade it for the world. She's worth every bit of it.

I just hate to see her not being herself. My mom used to say, "When you're a mom, you'd rather be sick than your child." I never really understood that until I had a child of my own. Now I'd be sick for weeks rather than her sick for a day.

I can't imagine how mom's of chronically sick kids do it. Most would probably say, "You just do." Kudos to them all.

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Amanda Sue said...

oh, i had the same thought this week when a nurse was squeezing the fire out of dillon's finger to get three vials of blood.

i thought that either she was going to have to give up soon, or i was going to have to kill her. seriously. don't. hurt. my. child.

and blessings to all the mamas that do endure chronic illness. how heartbreaking!