Thursday, June 29, 2006

Here at Chez Crazy... just doesn't seem to stop. It's a long and winding story but the one sentence version is that we are now buying a different but (in most ways) better house. We close on the house we're selling AND the one we're buying all next week.

July promises to be a whirlwind month, and I'm just gonna hang on for dear life. Pray for sanity. Good thing that Jadyn is such a resilient kid, plays well independently and takes regular naps.

Oh, and about that thing I asked y'all to pray about a few weeks ago? Yeah, the answer was no. Hubby career stuff. Ya know.

Warning for the next month: posting may be sporatic and a little nonsensical at times.


Amanda Sue said...

i will miss logging on sporadically and infrequenlty and reading several posts. maybe i can keep up better with you if you are posting and moving at the same time!

no-time-to-blog sucks!

Serendipity said...

Moving is fun and a pain. I hope you get settled into your new home. If your family's like mine, settling and nesting are going to be your "fun domain"